RideWarm™ Heated UnderVest

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Product Description

The heated Base Layer has replaced the Heated UnderVest. Same great price with more heat and heat in the arms. Please click here heated base layer



RideWarm’s™ heated UnderVest puts the heat right where you need it most: Next to your skin.

  • Plug into your battery tender and feel the heat immediately
  • Rolls up smaller than a rain suit
  • Affordable price
  • Can be worn both under or over your shirt

With our electric heated vest, there’s no need for you to pile on layers of clothing. You will stay warm to the core because this 12V heated vest is right next to your skin. The complete package also includes heated glove inserts, a heated face mask and a heated headband! RideWarm™ wants all of our customers to stay warm while enjoying their favorite hobby, and with our heated gear, now you can! Heating your clothes in advance is a waste of time. RideWarm's™ UnderVest is designed to wear under or over your favorite shirt. The closer you wear it to your body the faster and better it works.
Put on, Plug in, and RideWarm


What’s Included in the complete package:

  • Heated UnderVest
  • Heated face mask
  • Heated headband
  • Heated glove inserts
  • Adjustable heat controller
  • All wiring
  • One size fits all 

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