About us


Why heat your clothes first? With RideWarm™, we put the heat right next to your body where it is needed most.

With our heated UnderVest, the closer you wear it to your body, the faster and better it works. We found that the most comfortable way to wear our heated UnderVest is if you put it on followed by a t-shirt or long johns. We don't make heated winter clothing like others do, in fact, we feel that heating your clothes first is a waste of energy and time. With our heated Undervest, you will feel the heat in seconds and stay both warm and comfortable throughout your ride. You also have the option to wear the heated Undervest on the outside of your clothes and under your jacket, the only difference is that it will take you longer to feel the heat.

Our products are designed so there is no need to buy anything extra; you won’t have to worry about switches, wires or connectors. Everything you will need is already included. All you have to do is put it on, plug it in and RideWarm™.

We design our Undervest, Facemask, Glove inserts, and Headband to operate at a comfortable temperature using only one switch for everything. We take pride in our company and with providing our customers with heated winter clothing. When you shop with RideWarm™, you not only get our top quality products, but you also get great customer service. If for some reason you’re not satisfied, we also offer a 30-days money back guarantee.

Contact us today to start riding warm. We look forward to riding with you!