Snowmobile Hazards

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One of the best ways to enjoy the winter season is to view the winter wonderland from the back of a snowmobile. However, this activity can be quite chilly if you are unprepared. RideWarm has your riding needs covered for the winter months with our heated winter gear. Slap on a heated seat pad and our snowmobile heated grips along with our heated liner and you will stay warm the entire ride. All of our heated riding accessories are made to fit motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs. The only thing you have to do is put it on, plug it in, and RideWarm! Check out our full list of products or contact us today with any questions you may have.

Snowmobiling is a great way to make the best of the cold winter months, but, it could also be dangerous if you’re not sure what you’re doing. Continue reading below to learn more about some of the hazards of riding a snowmobile.


Know Your Snowmobile

Before you even think about hitting the trails, you need to make sure you know your snowmobile. If this is the first snowmobile you’ve ever owned, it’s a good idea to look into a snowmobile safety course. Not only will you learn the ins and outs of your machine, but you will get a better understanding of the dangers lurking beneath that fresh-fallen snow.

If you are veteran to the snowmobile world and you’ve just upgraded to a shiny new machine, take a look at the owner's manual. It’s easy to toss the owner’s manual aside and claim you know what you’re doing, but if this is a different brand or an upgraded model of the snowmobile you’re used to, you will want to be sure you know everything there is to know before you hit the trail.


Snowmobiles are built for speed, and there’s no doubt that speeding across a snowy open field gives you a rush, but there is a time and place for everything. Speeding is one of the main causes of snowmobile accidents. It’s important to make sure you always have control of your machine because the last thing you want is to be speeding down a path, hit a patch of ice, and completely lose control while traveling at a high speed.Riding on Ice

Riding on Ice

We’ve all driven down the road and seen the snowmobile tracks on the river after a fresh snow. When riding your snowmobile, it’s easy to make the decision to cross the river, but it’s important to think about the consequences. Unless you have gone out onto the ice and tested it yourself, you have no reason to believe that the ice on the river or lake will be able to hold the weight of you and your machine. Even if your friends are having fun zipping across the ice, remember the warning you mother always gave you as a child. Would you jump off a bridge if all your friends were doing it? The same goes for riding your snowmobile on the ice.

Hidden Obstacles

Snow is like an invisibility cloak: once it has fallen, you have no idea what might be hidden underneath. Most designated snowmobile paths should be maintained and clear for objects that could hurt both you and your snowmobile. Although, if you decide to create your own path or leave the designated trail, you could run the risk of hitting any number of objects covered by snow such rocks, tree stumps, or even fallen fences.

Use the Buddy System

Everyone likes to be independent, but if you plan on going out on your snowmobile, it’s always best practice to get in the habit of taking a buddy with you. If you were to get hurt or your snowmobile were to break down, it’s beneficial to have a buddy who can go back and get help. Plus, it’s always more fun to go on a trip with a friend or a large group of people.

Snowmobiling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter instead of spending those chilly winter months stuck inside. RideWarm helps make the trip even more enjoyable by keeping you warm throughout the entire ride. Our heated seat covers are made to fit most motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs. Couple the seat cover with our other heated winter clothing like our heated liner, and you will stay toasty and warm. All you have to do is put on our heated winter gear, plug it in, and RideWarm! Buy yours on our website today!

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