Preparing For Your Snowmobiling Trip

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While some may see the snow-covered roads and dropping temperatures as something negative, others may view it with excitement! If you’re someone who loves to explore the winter wonderland on the back of your snowmobile, this time of year is where you come alive! However, as someone who spends a lot of time in the cold, you know the necessity of staying warm.

As you pack all of your warmest clothes, don’t forget to stock up on RideWarm’s heated winter clothing in order to maximize your time outside! Our riding accessories are made one-size-fits-all for motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs. All you have to do is put on any of our heated winter gear, plug it in, and RideWarm! From grip warmers to thigh warmers, we’ve got it all. Check out our store and stock up for your trip now!

With RideWarm you’re sure to be set when it comes to staying warm, however, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for every part of your trip. In today’s post, we will cover all the essentials that you will need in order to enjoy your snowmobiling trip to the fullest!

First-Aid Kit

Before you pack anything else, make sure your snowmobile is equipped with a first-aid kit. You can buy a pre-packaged kit from the store, or you can create your own. If you do decide to make your own kit, make sure it has everything you might need in case of an emergency. Your kit should include everything from
bandages and gauze to scissors and a thermal blanket.

Snow creates numerous risks for snowmobilers, especially since there’s no telling what dangers could be hidden under that fresh-fallen powder. If you go on multiple snowmobile trips during the winter, it might be in your best interest to take a first-aid class in order to be more prepared for the unexpected.

Safety Equipment

Along with your first-aid kit, you should also have an emergency kit. The last thing you will want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. At the very least, your kit should have a candle, waterproof matches, and a compass. Other items you may want to have in your emergency kit may include:

  • A small shovel - If you find yourself stuck in the snow, a small shovel can do wonders in helping you dig yourself out. Many companies make shovels that are small enough to tuck away in your gear.
  • GPS - If you have a GPS in your emergency kit, be sure to check the batteries before you start your trip. You will also want to carry a set of spare batteries and keep them warm.
  • Flare - A flare comes in handy if you are in an emergency situation and you have no other way to signal that you need help. However, in order to avoid injury, it’s important that you follow the instructions carefully.


When you first bought your snowmobile, chances are the manufacturer provided a basic tool kit. Before any big trip, make sure you know the location of your tool kit and check its contents. Replace any essential tools that have gone missing or add tools that you feel might come in handy in case of an emergency, including pliers, duct tape, bungee cords, and more. It’s also a smart idea to have extra parts on hand such as spark plugs.

These are only a few essentials that you should have with you as you embark on your snowmobiling adventure. While preparing for every scenario is important, it’s also necessary that you stay warm as you travel the snowy tundra. With RideWarm’s heated winter clothing, you will stay nice and toasty throughout your entire trip. Shop our grip warmers, heated liner, thigh warmers, and more, and don’t forget to RideWarm!

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